Company introduction of Shanghai Chengxin Y.H International Trade Co., Ltd. and their owned factory Anhui Kylin Commodity Manufacturing Co., LTD

Shanghai Chengxin Y.H International Trade Co., Ltd. and their owned factory Anhui Kylin Commodity Manufacturing Co., LTD., was formerly known as Shanghai JinYu Clothing Handicraft Factory with nearly 30-years history. In 2017, in response to the call of government, we moved from SongJiang, Shanghai to Wanzhi District, Wuhu, Anhui. Since its establishment in 1994, the company mainly deals in the import and export business of textile clothing, handbag, indoor slipper, household plastic product, and gift, etc. Also actively carry out business by flexible and diverse way of trade. Process customized by picture and sample. Process with imported material and strive to constantly develop new product and new business. At present, the product are mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Canada and other countries. We always adhere to the quality as the benchmark and the credibility as the first concept. Our product is consistently praised by our customer and our company is exempted from inspection by several large customer in Japan. All kind of product are widely sold at home and abroad. Price and quality is always our focus. Since we can quickly transform design idea via reasonable price to be high-quality product, we always maintain good cooperation with our major customer.

Brand values

We can personalize design and production according to the needs of different customers, with reasonable price, first-class quality, fast delivery and thoughtful service. Our core values is "Integrity and honesty establishes reputation, and high quality creates quantity". "Integrity management" is our foundation, "good service" is the base of our development.

Participated in international exhibitions

Tokyo International Gift Exhibition, Japan

Chicago Home Goods and Gifts Show, USA

Hong Kong International Gift, Toy and Household Goods Fair

China Export Commodities Exhibition

Factory Product series:

Bag: Thermal bag, plastic bag, Canvas bag, Non-woven storage bag and box, etc.

Sundry goods: Stationery, plastic product, baby product, Wire collector, and hook, etc.

Daily necessities: Slipper, Apron, Towel and Lavation product, etc.

Clothing: T-shirt, Coat and Suit, etc.

Featured products:

Reusable shopping bag

With the idea of environmental protection becoming more and more popular, more and more people realize that the abuse of plastic bags will cause great damage to the environment, so many people begin to choose  reusable shopping bag when shopping. We seize this opportunity and perfectly combine the environmental protection material with pattern design and color to produce various style of environmental protection shopping bags for customers! Make the original practical reusable shopping bag become a fashion. Our rich experience and outstanding technology also give us unique competitive advantage in the same industry.

Non-woven shopping bags

Non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric, which directly uses polymer slicing, short staple or filament through various fiber net forming method and consolidation technology to form a soft, breathable, flat structured and new fiber products. It is new generation environmental protection material. If this material is placed outdoor via natural decomposition, its longest life is only 90 day. If place indoor, it decomposes within 5 years. When burning, it’s avirulent, tasteless, and without any legacy material, and therefore do not pollute the environment, which environmental protection comes from. It has the characteristics of short process, high yield, low cost, fast variety change, wide source of raw materials, and also has many excellent performance on the function, which can be made to a fashionable non-woven shopping bag. The characteristics of non-woven fabric is tough and durable, beautiful, high quality, affordable, easy to carry.

Canvas bag

Burlap bags are made of natural cotton fibers, so they are popular and durable! As early as the prelimiary stage of European continental immigrating to America, canvas has become the people's favorite, who yearn for freedom and full of adventurous spirit. Now canvas bag is also fashionable hipster's new favor. Enough large capacity is the necessities when shopping. It combines beautiful and practical. Become a solid support to accompany a woman. The fabric is simple and elegant. More importantly the material is completely degradable and close to nature, which accord with the international popular concept of environmental protection. Also canvas bag is basically versatile style, which can match any dress. It’s very practical and very suitable for young people.

Customer group and sales channel

By virtue of our professional technology and excelsior team spirit, we quickly won the praise and affirmation of the world famous brands and became their designated supplier. The authorized product brand includes: 1) Disney handbags, environmental bags, such as: MICKEY,POOH,STICH.MINNE and etc. (Passed the Disney authorized SGS factory inspection for many years) 2)HELLO KITTY: daily necessities, handbags and baby products. It is sold at MICKEY and HELLO KITTY counter in Japan and WALTMART in the United States. We are always pursuing good service, reasonable price and good reputation to achieve perfection in these three aspects to meet the needs of the rapidly changing market and customer around the world.

Production condition and equipment

Company factory is located in the scenic area of Wuhu. The area of factory is about 2800 square meter, which is a professional enterprise with full range of management, design and development, sample making, production and display. The factory has handbag, clothing, injection production workshop and a variety of sewing, printing, heat transfer printing equipment. Since we have excellent professionals, advanced management system and production equipment and honest service attitude, we laid a solid foundation in our field and have got long-term support by our majority customer. As long as customer tell us the idea and product requirement, the company will have professional designer to follow up. Such process as product design, manufacturing, cutting, printing and sewing are completed independently. One-stop independent streamlined production processe greatly shortens the delivery cycle and ensures product quality, color and size. As long as you can imagine, we can do it. We adhere to the factory principle "Product quality must reach the standard, commitment to customer must implement" , by virtue of rich professional experience, novel style design, exquisite production technology and perfect after-sales service.

Our factory passed the certificate of ISO9002 quality system on January 16, 2001.


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